Julie Gaines Dishes On Fishs Eddy in a New Book About NYC’s Quirkiest Dinnerware Shop

We Do Dishes! Product image found at fishseddy.com

[Photo: Matthew O’Brien]

Julie Gaines loves doing dishes— which is good, because she owns a dishware store. In 1986, the 55-year-old and her husband Dave Lenovitz opened Fishs Eddy, a chaotic-yet-cozy family business that has become an unlikely Big Apple institution. They’re known for their affordable, sometimes vintage dishware, quirky designs, and folksy charm. All of it is chronicled in Gaines’ new book Minding the Store, out today.

“My nickname is Small Time,” says Gaines, who has short, curly hair and a Staten Island accent. “And I don’t think I can ever move on from that. I wash the dishes downstairs—I was doing dishes all weekend, actually. I do my best thinking at the sink.” Her hands are tucked under her legs that don’t quite reach the ground. “The only problem is that I have to take off my gloves to write [my ideas] down.”

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