16 Seinfeld Celebrity Cameos You’ll Recognize From Other TV Shows

The 1990s were a fruitful time for sitcomsSeinfeld, Will & Grace, Friends, Frasier… the decade kept throwing out perfectly crafted, perfectly casted, perfectly written, half-hour comedies. No matter how good the current comedy fare may be, the ’90s classics will never fail us. And, in a recent rewatch of pretty much any of your fave shows from the decade, you may notice that there are quite a few faces you recognize. More specifically, you’ll recognize them on Seinfeld. It seems that most actors who would go on to star on other shows got their start on that one show. Episode after episode features another familiar face.

You’ll find a lot of the most popular shows on TV recycle actors all the time – and certain stars are in pretty much everything. Don’t believe us? Here are 16 ’90s Seinfeld actors you’ll recognize from other shows.

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