reb00t: 5 Subscription Services to Make Your Life ~That~ Much Easier

Published on reb00t, NYU Magazine Journalism’s own publication created in Alexis Gelber’s Editor’s Vision class.

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Subscription services are the future; subscription services make every day Christmas day. Nothing’s better than coming home from work or school and seeing that pretty package on the doorstep. Nothing’s better than opening a beautifully packaged item that goes with an equally beautiful brand’s Instagram. And, nothing’s better than not having to go to CVS to get new brush heads or tampons.

These are five subscription services that I actually use and totally recommend.

1. Quip

If you’re like me, you’ve been getting these ads on Facebook for years. But I tried it! And it’s actually worth the hype! These toothbrushes are the toothbrushes of the future, and everyone who comes in my bathroom tells me so. These babies are ELECTRIC, even though they are the same size as your non-electric one. And it comes in a holder that suction cups anywhere in your bathroom. AND, every three months, they send you a backup head and battery—no excuse not to change your brush heads like you know you’re supposed to. $45/mo for starter kit, $5 per refill

2. Billie Razors

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 5.53.53 PM


Ban the pink tax, and instead get these really high-quality pink (or blue or whatever color) razors! For only $9, you get a razor, a blade, and a magnetic holder that sticks in your shower. Then, every few months or so (they have a quiz to determine how often, based on your shaving habits), they send you four replacement heads for $9! No more rusty razors for you! $9/mo for starter kit, $9 for refill

3. Lola Tampons

These puppies are 100% cotton, and delivered to your door every month with precisely the amount of regulars and heavies that you need. Plus, the company is run by women!!!! ~$14/mo, depending on your plan

4. Birchbox

I know I’m late to the game with this one, but for only $10, you get a pretty box in the mail with 5 beauty products that are curated for your needs! Christmas. Every. Month. $10/mo

5. Ritual Vitamin

This company is run by women, for women. Each oil-encased pill (oil helps with your body’s absorption of nutrients) the essential vitamins that you need and no more. Each ingredient is sourced from wholesome locations (that are listed right on the bottle). I have been taking these guys for three months and genuinely feel SO much better. And I didn’t even know I wasn’t feeling well in the first place. $30/mo

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