A Day in the Life of Tuan Malinowski

Digital Magazine, taught by photographer Kholood Eid, taught grad students digital journalism (audio, photography, video).

Tuan Malinowski is a gay, adopted, Vietnamese-American, Musical Theater major at Ithaca College in Ithaca, New York. He’s also a senior, so it’s career crunch time. When not rehearsing for his current show, he can be found supporting his fellow actors at their own shows and preparing materials for his rigorous acting, dancing, and auditioning classes. This weekend was an exciting one: since his show opens at the end of October, Tuan had rehearsal from 1-5 on Sunday. Saturday was his day off, but – of course – he still spent it at the theatre.


IMG_1859.jpgTuan Malinowski hugs Ryan Ballard after seeing him perform in the matinee of the Ithaca College production of Angels in America on Saturday, October 7th. “After the matinee (which was amazing), I saw another show at 8. This was the only day I had off, and I spent it watching 6 hours of theatre,” Tuan says.


IMG_1864.jpgTuan (center) stands out in in the post-theatre crowd in his heeled booties on October 7th, 2017.


IMG_1943.jpgBefore his 1 pm rehearsal for the musical Wonderful Town on Sunday, October 8th, Tuan texts a boy he was flirting with at a party the night before.


IMG_2007.jpgAs others stretch, Tuan tells a castmate about his romantic exploits the night before.


IMG_2244.jpgThe cast of Wonderful Town receives notes from their director at rehearsal.


IMG_2320.jpgTuan and Connie Bahng drive to Wegmen’s grocery store after rehearsal. “Well, I asked a boy out and got rejected today,” he tells her. “But I figured whatever, I have nothing to lose.”


IMG_2350.jpg“Oh, honey.” says Tuan Malinowski to a car that swoops his intended parking spot at Wegmen’s Grocery store. “Oh man, I’m so sorry you guys had to witness that road rage.”


IMG_2427.jpg“One thing you should know about me is that everything I do, I do as fast as possible.” Tuan explains as he grocery shops for the week. “I bet I could be in and out of here in 15 minutes.”


IMG_2424.jpg“Since I’m so busy, I eat a lot of prepackaged snacks.” Tuan explains as he selects his items at Wegmens. “I don’t have time for things that take preparation, like Instant Ramen.”


IMG_2431.jpg“I’m trying to lay off of sweets, so I take a swig of Reddi Whip, straight from the can, before bed every night.” Tuan says. “Although, after the day I’ve had, I think I deserve a donut.”



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